Most of us are now looking forward to a nice hot summer full of barbecues, pool parties and outdoor entertaining. But hosting family and friends can add up.

There is huge trend on social media of people sharing their hauls. When you find great deals and you end up buying a lot, for a lot less, it’s called a haul! Those that haul know how to get the frill out of their bill.

We spoke to Joe Scire, a No Frills store owner who shares a little more about the grocery haul.

“Every week, my customers come into my store looking for the best value and how to get the most out of their budget.  They load up their shopping carts with fresh produce, meat and all of their essentials and proudly make their way to the cash to see how much they will save,” says Joe. Their friends and family might refer to them as savvy savers, but we call them haulers because they get the most bang for their buck and aren’t afraid to show off their purchases.

Joe also has some tips to help you be the hostess with the mostest without worrying about breaking the bank.

  • Check the weekly flyer and stock up on sale items.
  • Take advantage of any price match guarantees.
  • Use PC Optimum to earn points and save money on your future grocery bill.
  • Take advantage of in-store promotions.