People are interested in obtaining more collectible items for their collection. Some are seeking music boxes and other mechanical music. Many others are looking for items such as cars, houses, jewelry, and household items for a cheap price. There is a very inexpensive way to get your favorite items. How? Auctions!

You can find auctions in your area. Most local towns and cities have an auction house. You can usually check your local newspaper, which should have a section in the classifieds for upcoming auctions. Another good source is the Internet when looking for auction houses. Sometimes, you might be driving down the road and see a sign for an upcoming auction as well. Your local library is also a resource.

Once you find the auction or auctions you are interested in, make sure you check the time it starts. You want to do this because it is important to view the collectibles, music boxes, mechanical music, or other items you are looking to bid on before things get rolling. You will want to carefully assess their condition. So give yourself plenty of time for this. Make sure you also take a notepad and pen to make notes of the items and the top dollar you are willing to bid. You also will be able to find out who the auctioneers and auction workers are. You will want to get to know them since they will have important information about the particular items you are interested in. This also helps them recognize you when you bid and maybe cause them to be more apt to look your way for a bid.

Next, you will want to find out where the auction will start and what direction it will likely go. This is necessary because sometimes there may be more than one auction ring if there are many items. Believe it or not, some auctions last for several days! Each auction ring will have an auctioneer, a recorder, and helpers. It is best to figure out how many rings and which auctioneer will be in which ring. Some auctions have multiple estates represented, so don’t be surprised if some sections of items may look like they do not belong with particular items.

In addition to the auctioneers, recorders, and helpers at an auction, there will also be a payment table and registration table. At many auction these two tables are the same table. It will be necessary to stop at the registration table before the auction starts. You will need to register your name, address, phone number, picture ID, and tax number if you have one.

Keep in mind that the auction can be indoors or outdoors, so make sure you dress appropriately. Otherwise, you might be too hot or too cold! You might want to think about taking a snack or lunch since there might not be a vendor available near the auction. Getting a good parking spot is also important so that you can transfer your music box, mechanical music, collectibles, and other items to your vehicle easily.

When you are at the auction, you will notice that items will have lot number or description associated with it. This information may not be on the actual item, but the recorder will have it. It will be on the tickets for each of your winning items. It is always is a good idea to keep track of what are your winning bids and what the winning bid was. This way, you can match each up to your ticket when you check out.

The items up for auction are usually kept in boxes or flats. The items may be auctioned per box or per item. If need be, you should be able to request a certain item be pulled out of a box to auction separately. A lot of times, however, you can get a better deal and bargain if the item you want is grouped together in a box with other stuff that may not be as desirable.

The more expensive item are kept in locked cases with an attendant close by to open the case for inspection of the items. The auctioneers usually will determine beforehand how valuable pieces and will be which items should be auctioned individually. Get yourself positioned so that you can see the items as they are auctioned and so that the auctioneer will readily see you for your bids. Make sure you have your bidder numbered card ready to show the auctioneer when you bid and when you win an item.

Sometimes, prior to and during an auction, as people look at the items, some may get moved from box to box. Make sure you pay close attention to what is being auctioned as in some case some things are moved. Depending upon the auctioneer, bidding could start at what the auctioneer thinks the item will eventually sell for. That offer may not get any bids, so in order to get people bidding; the auctioneer will lower the starting bid. If you are really interested in a music box, mechanical music, a collectible piece, or other items, you may want to bid first thing. This quick bid may scare off other potential bidders and you will win the item. Toward the end of the auction, there may not be as many people still at the auction. This is a great time to get some good deals also.

If you win, take your things straight to your vehicle. Once you win the bid, the item or items are you possession and you are responsible for them.

At the end of the auction, or when you are ready to leave, make sure you take the payment or registration table to pay for your winning items. They will have a list of items or a ticket for each winning item. Make sure the item and price match what you have recorded. It will be much easier to resolve any conflicts immediately rather than later.

Follow the above tips and you will be sure to win that coveted music box, mechanical music, collectible, or other item you were looking for!