InternetDealsHave you ever had the problem of receiving so many “deals” in your email inbox that you don’t have time to sift through them all? Well, it turns out there’s a better way to find Internet deals you actually want without spending valuable time searching through the ones you don’t want.

“When companies push deals to users — whether they want them or not — they are wasting their time, and your time,” says John Casson, CEO and founder of Daily Deal Superstore — a deal aggregator that brings together discounts and offers from across the web and compiles emails tailored to your interests. “We designed Daily Deal Superstore so that the user is in control. DDS lets them to choose the cities and types of deals they want”

It’s this user control that allows customers to target the deals they want across a number of sites.

“If you wanted an Italian restaurant deal in Queens, and you found that LivingSocial didn’t have one, you may have missed out because there may have been one on Gilt City,” says Casson. “ takes the stress out of searching through several deal companies. We show all those Italian restaurant deals from all the companies.”

From a collective search, including sites like Woot!, KGB Deals, Gilt City and Groupon, you can make your smartphone and Facebook page do the work for you. Daily Deal Superstore is a website that gathers deals from hundreds of deal companies, categorizes them, puts them in 10,000 different towns and cities and sends a customized email with offers relating to your interests and specified location.

Smartphone users can take advantage of this new platform too, and the easy-to-use Facebook app makes it even easier, as deals are curated based upon the user’s location, “likes” and interests.

“It will show you deals that relate to exactly where you are and what you like,” says Casson. “It’s simple and fast, and makes it easier not to miss out on deals.”

Better yet, users can earn points every time a friend buys a deal, forever (so long as they are a member). These points are redeemed for reward cards such as Amazon vouchers and iTunes gift cards.