RealJeansMany men don’t spend a lot of time shopping to begin with, but in a tough economy, purchasing new clothes is even more likely to go by the wayside. When everything in the closet seems to be worn out, outdated or ill-fitting, the dread begins as it’s time to head to the store.

For these men, it’s not about fashion, but instead about finding an affordable price point for durable and comfortable clothes. If this sounds all too familiar, read on for shopping smart tips to make the process bearable.

Shop with ease: Find clothes where you are already shopping. You can find long-trusted brands offering top-quality clothing at the mass-market stores where you’re already shopping. Next time you make a trip to Wal-Mart, take a quick look at the men’s apparel section, and you’ll be surprised at what you see. Brands like Wrangler, for example, offer a variety of styles, all with a full warranty for a year, so you know what you get is worth the purchase. And one-stop shopping makes clothes-buying easier for even the most time-strapped consumers.

Shop necessity: Choose comfort and durability over flash and trends. Make sure anything you buy is made with premium fabrics and constructed to keep its shape. Higher-quality apparel lasts the longest, so you get the most for your money. When you find a quality brand, choose from any of its fits and finishes to get the style that works for you. Remember that traditional styles that fit well will always be in fashion.

Shop value: Look for the best deal. There’s no need to pay designer prices when you can buy what you want and need for a fraction of the cost. Wrangler clothing is priced right at less than $20 for jeans, pants, shorts and shirts at value-minded retailers nationwide. When you combine the price with the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you know you can count on Wrangler for quality, comfort and value.

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